Refractory repair, mouldable mass and coatings


For the repairing of refractory linings for various applications such as refractory fiber linings but also refractory fire bricks linings and of concrete , for mastic coating of moulds used for liquid metal and glass , for sealing and insulation of complex geometric shapes and for heat protection of metal parts , REFIAL® -MASTIC is the ideal insulation.

REFIAL® -MASTIC is a moulding putty for high temperature applications up to 1600°C. It is based on Alumina-Silica-Wool and alumina oxide with organic and inorganic binders. After drying REFIAL® -MASTIC shows a hard surface and very little shrinkage with hardly any cracks being noticeable.

REFIAL® -MASTIC adheres to almost any surface. It has excellent resistance to thermal shock, good insulation properties and very good non-wetting properties towards molten non-ferrous metals and glass. These properties can be even improved in combination with our product REFIAL® -COATING 1600 as finishing coating , which provides an even smoother surface and additional heat reflection.

REFIAL® -MASTIC 1600 TC is a coating mastic based on REFIAL® -MASTIC 1600. It is special developed as a high-temperature coating for refractory fiber modules linings in burning chambers.

REFIAL® -MASTIC 1300 is a sealing material based on Alkaline-Earth-Silicate-Wool and alumina oxide with organic and inorganic binder. Alkaline-Earth-Silicate-Wool has reduced biological resistance and is not subject to any classification.

Available in cartridges of 500 gr and pails of 6 kg and 25 kg.

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