Ceramic engineered calcium silicate

REFICAL® -B Engineered calcium silicate

REFICAL® -B are technical ceramic parts made from special high density calcium silicate with a weight of 950 kg / m³ and are suitable for direct contact with a large number of liquid non-metals up to 1000°C. Typical fields of application are in foundries for the distribution and flow control of liquid metals, as well as in melting, holding and heat treatment furnaces. They are formulated without the use of asbestos fibers, and are thermally insulating, non-wetting, fracture tough materials with low shrinkage characteristics.

REFICAL® -B however, is the lowest shrinkage calcium silicate product for aluminium casting available in the world today. For billet casting it is shrinkage that is the key characteristic for long life, requiring minimal maintenance and operator intervention.

Typical applications

Non-ferrous metals
  • Transition plates , hot top rings for billet casting
  • Spouts, Stoppers, Dip tubes, Nozzles
  • Distribution boxes, Flow gates, Header boxes
  • Launder Linings, Dams, Heat breaks, …
  • Hotface linings for dosing/holding furnaces for aluminium casting
  • Load bearing housings
  • Insulation where high thermal and/or mechanical load is required
Oil & Gas
  • Collars, gaskets and pipe support rings
  • Spacers and bushes

Technical datasheets & downloads