Microporous Insulation


REFIAL® -MPI Flow is a specially designed pourable microporous insulation product with flow characteristics which make them ideal for filling of voids and complex shapes and cavities. REFIAL® -MPI Flow is an opacified blend of filament reinforced pyrogenic silica.

REFIAL® -MPI Flow is the superb choice for applications like complex shapes , voids or closed joints where conventional insulation or rigid microporous insulation cannot be applied.


  • Fuel cells and reformers
  • High temperature voids in refractory Gaps or joints filling for furnace
  • Exhaust systems
  • Other areas that rigid boards are not suitable for using

Working & processing

REFIAL® -MPI Flow is a pourable microporous powder and can be easily install due to their good flowing properties for pouring and tapping. Similar installation as with dry castables. To obtain the optimal thermal performance, it is necessary to achieve the specified “tap density”, for example by filling under vibration.

Technical datasheets & downloads