Microporous Insulation


REFIAL® -MPI Boards are microporous thermal insulation boards with extremely low thermal conductivity, resulting in excellent insulation properties.

REFIAL® -MPI Boards are based on pyrogenic silica (SiO2), opacifiers and glass fiber filaments. The opacifiers provide minimal infrared radiation and the glass fiber filaments mechanically combine the different particles into an inorganic reinforcement matrix, allowing this insulation to be machined and no organic substances to burn or oxidize.

REFIAL® -MPI Boards are available with different coverings: nude, aluminum foil (2/6 sides), E-glass fiber fabric, glass fleece and are available in different temperature classes: 1000 ℃. 1100 ℃ and 1200 ℃. These microporous insulation boards are available in maximum dimension of 1200 x 1100 mm and in thicknesses of 7-50 mm.

REFIAL® -MPI Boards are also available in hydrophobic version. REFIAL® -MPI HY Boards are microporous insulation boards that went during the production process through a special coating treatment, which makes the material insensitive to water and humidity ( up to 300°C ).


  • Back-up insulation in industrial furnaces
  • Due to the best available insulation effectiveness, the useable volume will be increased and the energy loss considerable reduced. In comparison with furnaces which are insulated with fire light bricks, the energy loss can thoroughly be divided into half by using REFIAL® -MPI Boards. Even in comparison with fibers insulated furnace, the energy loss can be significantly reduced by using REFIAL® -MPI Boards in the backup insulation.
  • REFIAL® -MPI Boards are in use in all metal processing industries, especially in the Aluminium- and Steel industry as a backup insulation in crucibles/steel ladles, holding & smelter furnace , launders , …
  • Glass & ceramics industry
  • Petrochemical industry ( cracking furnace, hydrogen reformer, … )
  • Fuel cells
  • Batteries
  • Data loggers ( protection of electronic components)
  • Black box & VDR ( Voyage Data Recorder) for air, rail, and marine

Working & processing

REFIAL® -MPI Boards can be shaped both manually with hand tools and with stationary wood processing machinery. The boards can be cut, sawn, drilled and punched. The boards can be installed with glue or by metal anchors, pins and clips.

Technical datasheets & downloads