Microporous Insulation


REFIAL® -MPI FP Panel is a microporous thermal insulation panel with lowest thermal conductivity resulting in excellent insulating properties. In order to make it easy to manipulate, the core it is wrapped with high temperature glass fabric.

REFIAL® -MPI FP Panels are based on inorganic materials, especially fumed silica and different opacifiers for minimizing infrared radiation. REFIAL® -MPI FP Panels are specially designed for landing/lift doors systems combining the requirements and standards based on EN 81-58.

REFIAL® -MPI FP Panel is a good answer to A -class fire ratings with the thinnest and lightest available solutions.


  • Passive Fire Protection systems
  • Elevating landing doors ( EI60, EI190 , EI120 ratings )
  • Industrial fire doors ( A60,A90,EI120 ratings )

Working & processing

REFIAL® – MPI FP Panels can be shaped easily with a simple cutter. ( The procedure are available on request ) . The boards can be installed with REFIAL® -GLUE 1000 or by metal anchors, pins and clips. On request , these panels can also be custom made according to customer’s specification.

Technical datasheets & downloads