Microporous Insulation


Is a Microporous Insulation board , wrapped with high temperature glass fabric , in order to make it easy to manipulate. The core of the REFIAL® -MPI Panels are available in various temperature grades: 1000°C and 1100°C.

REFIAL® -MPI Panels are available with flat edges ( maximum dimension of 1100 X 1200 mm, thickness 10 mm to 50 mm ) and with curved edges ( maximum dimension of 650 X 2450 mm , thickness of 3 mm to 35 mm )

Due to the glass cloth jacketing, this board is very easy to install. REFIAL® -MPI Panels are free of dust and very easy to process.


  • Back-up insulation in industrial furnaces . Due to the best available insulation effectiveness, the useable volume will be increased and the energy loss considerable reduced. In comparison with furnaces which are insulated with fire light bricks, the energy loss can thoroughly be divided into half by using REFIAL® -MPI Panels . Even in comparison with a fibre’s insulated furnace, the energy loss can be significantly reduced by using REFIAL® -MPI Panels Boards in the backup insulation.
  • REFIAL® -MPI Panels Board is in use in all metal processing industries, especially in the Aluminium- and Steel industry as a backup insulation in crucibles/steel ladles, holding & smelter furnace , launders , …
  • Glass & ceramics industry
  • Petrochemical industry ( cracking furnace, hydrogen reformer, …. )
  • Annealing & galvanizing lines
  • Night storage heaters
  • Fire doors and lift doors

Working & processing

REFIAL® -MPI Panels Microporous Insulation can be shaped easily with a simple cutter . ( The procedure are available on request ) . The boards can be installed with glue or by metal anchors, pins and clips. On request , these panels can also be custom made according to customer’s specification .

Technical datasheets & downloads