Microporous Insulation


REFIAL® -MST Panels have been specially developed for the metal industry, and especially for the aluminum, iron and steel industry, such as back-up insulation for crucibles and mixers, warm hold and melting furnaces and launders, steel ladles, tundishes, torpedo cars, …

REFIAL® -MST Panels are microporous thermal insulation panels with extremely low thermal conductivity and with very good thermal and mechanical properties.

REFIAL® -MST Panels are based on pyrogenic silica (SiO2), opacifiers and glass fiber filaments. REFIAL® -MST Panels are flexible and covered with aluminum foil (6 sides), PE foil and / or with a Light vacuum-PE or aluminum plasticized cover.

REFIAL® -MST Panels can be supplied , pre-curved with flat and straight edges. REFIAL® -MST Panels are available in various Grades : 1000℃ and 1100℃.


  • Ladles, Crucibles
  • Tundish
  • Torpedo cars
  • Degassers
  • EAF ( Electric Arc Furnace )

Working & Processing

REFIAL® -MST Panels can be shaped easily with a simple cutter. They can be fixed in place with glue or the relevant adhesives that are used for refractory linings. The panels can be taped off with aluminium tape after cutting.

Technical datasheets & downloads