Microporous Insulation

REFIAL® -MPI Slatflex

Is a slatted microporous board covered with aluminium foil or glass cloth . REFIAL® -MPI Slatflex insulation are bendable for diameters from 100 mm diameter and more, but they have to be adjusted to the requested diameter in advanced ( in the plant ).

Special shapes can be milled according to customer specifications. They are also available in a totally hydrophobic version ( up to 300°C ). The boards are available in standard dimension of 700 x 1100 mm and thicknesses of 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm.


  • Due to the slatted pattern, the panel is flexible and so Ideal for the insulation of round or curved shapes
  • Energy producing industries, especially in power plant, refineries and lots of other applications, where pipe have to be insulated with most effective insulation materials
  • Petrochemical industry & power generation
  • Piping insulation ( ideal for large diameters )
  • Back-up insulation in refractory lined pipes
  • Rotary kiln insulation
  • Vessels & reactors
  • Hot pipe support insulation
  • Exhaust systems

Working & processing

REFIAL® -MPI Slatflex Microporous Insulation boards can be shaped easily with a simple cutter . ( The procedure are available on request ) . The boards can be installed with glue or by metal anchors, pins and clips. On request , these panels can also be custom made according to customer’s specification .

For insulation of pipes , the flexible panels are installed with wire, straps and or self-adhesive aluminium foil tape .

Technical datasheets & downloads