Refractory repair, mouldable mass and coatings


For coating of moulds used for high purity liquid metal and molten glass, for as corrosion barrier of aluminium dip tubes and galvanizing tanks, for use as electrical insulation coating, for protection from Flame impact, impact of high gas velocities, impact of liquids, as adhesive for ceramic parts and for heat-shields , we recommend you the use of REFIAL® -COATING.

REFIAL® -COATING 1300 is a product based on milled Alumina-Silica-Wool REFIAL® -COATING 1600 is based on a special Alumina-Oxide and an inorganic binder. When dried, it presents a hard, erosion resistant surface. Its insulation properties are as excellent as its resistance to thermal shock and sticking by many non-ferrous molten metals, which enables REFIAL® -COATING to be used as a protective coating for a wide range of porous and non-porous materials.

In addition REFIAL® -COATING provides excellent thermal reflectance as well as good dielectric strength properties. Furthermore it shows excellent resistance against most chemicals except for hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid as well as concentrated alkalis.

Available in pails of 5 Liter and 20 Liter

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