Refractory Insulation Fire Bricks

REFIAL® -IFB Refractory Insulating Fire Bricks

REFIAL® -IFB are lightweight refractory bricks manufactured according to ASTM , JIS and DIN standard . Production is quality assured according to ISO9001. REFIAL® -IFB have low iron and carbon content, low thermal conductivity, low thermal heat capacity, low impurities, low linear change and excellent characteristics for erosion resistance atmosphere.

REFIAL® -IFB have high strength and good thermal shock resistance . REFIAL® -IFB are used for installing refractory linings in all kind of industrial furnaces and thermal processing plants, on the fire side as well as for high -grade rear lining . REFIAL® -IFB are used in furnaces and thermal processing plants .

  • Metallurgy Industry : Blast furnace, Hot blast stove, Reheating furnace, coke ovens
  • Petrochemical industry; Ethylene cracking furnace, Hydrogen production furnace, Primary reformer furnace, Reheating furnace
  • Ceramic industry : Roller kilns, Bogie hearth
  • Glass industry : Glass furnace regenerator
  • Carbon Industry: Carbon roaster
  • Aluminium electrolytic industry ; aluminium reduction cells, soaking pits
  • Other industries: Tunnel kiln, Shuttle kiln

REFIAL® -IFB are suitable for use on the fire side as well as for high -grade rear lining . REFIAL® -IFB are available in different temperature grades or ASTM grades ; IFB23, IFB25 , IFB26 , IFB28 , IFB30 and IFB32 and in following standard delivery sizes ;

  • 230 mm x 114 mm x 64 mm
  • 230 mm x 114 mm x 76 mm
  • 250 mm x 124 mm x 64 mm

Other dimensions , end and side bricks and other shaped bricks are available on request .

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