REFIAL® -V1100

Vermiculite boards , shapes and granulates

REFIAL® -V1100 Vermiculite boards, shapes and granulates

REFIAL® -V1100 are ceramically-bonded Vermiculite boards and shapes. REFIAL® -V1100 is a high temperature insulation with high fire resistance. Vermiculite is the basic material for REFIAL® -V1100. This light, incombustible insulation grain is exfoliated at high temperatures (about 900ºC) under controlled conditions.

REFIAL® -V1100 is mixed with various inorganic binding agents, pressed into the required shape and size and ceramically bonded in a furnace. This mica-like fire-resistant, acoustic and thermally insulating granular material is chemically neutral and does not contain asbestos or other fibers and is entirely environmentally friendly.

Boards and shapes are available in density 375 kg/m³ – 1200 kg/m³ . Also available in granular material. For inside insulation of fires , REFIAL® -V1100 boards and shapes are also available with black high temperature resistant coating.

Main applications

  • Thermal insulation
  • Night storage heaters
  • Hearths, stoves and open fire places
  • Boilers
  • Hotface and back-up insulation in industrial furnaces and kilns
  • Fire proofing

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