REFIAL® – Refractories

Refractory bricks, monolithic and preformed shapes

REFIAL® – Refractory bricks, monolithic and preformed shapes

On specific request and for the design of your refractory linings in your furnaces and thermal processing equipment such as in primary and secondary aluminium plants , Iron and Steel industry, Oil refineries , Power plants and Incinerators, cement industry , …

REFIAL® provides a wide range of monolithic, preformed shapes and refractory bricks like

  • Refractory bricks : Fireclay , High Alumina , Andalusite-Mullite-Silimanite , Silicon Carbide
  • Regular castables / gunning
  • Low cement castables
  • Ultra low cement castables
  • Self flowing castables
  • Gunning mixes, low cement gunning , trowelling mixes
  • Shotcretes and pumpables
  • Plastic mixes
  • Insulating castables and gunning mixes
  • Refractory motars