Ceramic engineered calcium silicate

Ceramic calcium silicate for aluminium processing

REFICAL® range of products are technical ceramic parts made from special high density calcium silicate with a weight of ≥ 850 kg /m³ and are suitable for direct contact with a large number of liquid non-metals up to 1000 ° C. Typical fields of application are in foundries for the distribution and flow control of liquid metals, as well as in melting, holding and heat treatment furnaces. They are formulated without the use of asbestos fibers, and are thermally insulating, non-wetting, fracture tough materials with low shrinkage characteristics.

REFICAL® is the standard product for use in aluminium casting operations and is also used in the furnace industry and other process industries. The outstanding thermal shock resistance and high dimensional stability contribute effectively to the long service life and thus to economic efficiency in the respective application area.

REFICAL® engineered calcium silicate parts have excellent thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity and thermal expansion, good thermal insulation , high compressive and bending strength, good edge stability and stable in neutral and basic media.

REFICAL® does not react with lubricants (e.g. boron nitride and graphite). REFICAL® is physiologically harmless. REFICAL® products can be easily processed (turning, milling, drilling, grinding, sawing) with appropriate tools for precise moldings.

Refial® ’ s range of REFICAL® engineered calcium silicate consists of:

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