Refractory repair, mouldable mass and coatings


REFIAL® Fillers, coatings, forming masses and hardeners have been developed for economical and industrial processing, for various types of insulating materials and lightweight refractory insulation systems. They are asbestos fibres free and used for high temperature industrial thermal processes and applications.

  • For the repairing of refractory linings for various applications such as refractory fibre linings but also refractory fire bricks linings and of concrete, for mastic coating of moulds used for liquid metal and glass, for sealing and insulation of complex geometric shapes and for heat protection of metal parts,
  • For repairing cracks and joints in refractory fibre linings in ovens, furnaces, kilns, boilers, incinerators, etc. in multiple industries, for repairing of refractory back up insulation, furnace door frame and jambs and for all areas where high temperature insulation and sealing are required,
  • For treatment and hardening of refractory fibrous linings and insulation material i.e fibre blankets, boards, felts, papers..,
  • For coating of moulds used for high purity liquid metal and molten glass, for as corrosion barrier of aluminium dip tubes and galvanizing tanks, for use as electrical insulation coating, for protection from Flame impact, impact of high gas velocities, impact of liquids, as adhesive for ceramic parts and for heat-shields, REFIAL® ‘ s Fillers, coatings and forming masses are the ideal solutions.

REFIAL®‘ s Fillers, coatings, forming masses are based on aluminium silicate fibres, Alkaline-Earth-Silicate-Wool and or alumina oxide with organic and inorganic binder.

REFIAL® -range of Fillers, coatings and forming masses compost of:

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