Microporous Insulation

REFIAL® -MPI Microporous Insulation

REFIAL® -MPI is a range of microporous thermal insulation products with lowest thermal conductivity resulting in excellent insulating properties. The base ingredient of REFIAL® -MPI is pyrogenic silica (SiO2), different opacifiers for minimizing infrared radiation and the particles are held together mechanically with glass filaments . This inorganic reinforcement matrix gives the material its handling strength and machining capability, and has the big advantage that no organics can burn off or oxidize.

REFIAL® -MPI have extremely low thermal conductivity or λ value, close to the lowest theoretically possible minimum according to the laws of physics. REFIAL® -MPI have by the best possible insulation values at temperatures up to 1200 ° C. With their thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.021-0.027 W /mK at 200 ° C, the boards and shapes of REFIAL®-MPI 1000 have the best insulation properties money can buy.

With REFIAL® -MPI, It is possible to achieve with the thinnest possible thickness the best possible thermal insulation. REFIAL® -MPI products are in use in all sectors of industry. REFIAL® -MPI are available with PE-Foil , glass fleece , aluminium foil and E-glass fiber fabric covering and in sheet form, flexible panels, segments and half-pipe sections. Cut and milled parts are produced according to customer requirements.

REFIAL® -MPI reacts sensitively towards all wet materials such as water, oil, gasoline etc., as these materials destroy its pore structure. Therefore, REFIAL® -MPI are also available with a hydrophobic coating. The material goes during the production process through a special coating treatment, which makes the material insensitive to water and humidity ( up to 300°C ).